[IPython-User] IPython notebook produces no output on Windows 7

Alex alex.at.workplace@googlemail....
Mon Jul 9 11:27:06 CDT 2012


after playing around with ipython notebook at home I wanted to install 
it on my work computer but the notebook fails to produce any output. Any 
idea how to fix this is very appreciated.

The installation of ipython 0.13 with easy_install went through without 
any errors on my Windows 7 64 machine.

After that I did the following:

- installed 0MQ from their website (32 bit version)
- installed pyzmq (zmq.__version__ returns '2.2.0')
- installed tornado (tornado.version returns '2.3')
- start a ipython instance with 'ipython notebook' with the following 

C:\Temp>ipython notebook
[NotebookApp] Using existing profile dir: 
[NotebookApp] Serving notebooks from C:\Temp
[NotebookApp] The IPython Notebook is running at:
[NotebookApp] Use Control-C to stop this server and shut down all kernels.

In Chrome (20.xxx) I can access the control page and the individual 
notebook but neither


or alternatively


produces any output. The javascript console does not show any errors:
Kernel started:  6b66a850-e988-4f3a-a027-fb7e5b53be32 kernel.js:80
Starting WS: 

Restarting the kernel does not help, now instead of
In [2]: 1+1
the notebook returns after execution to
In [*]: 1+1

As there is no kind of error message I have no idea how to diagnose the 
problem, I only know that it works beautifully on my computer at home 
with a very similar setup (also W7 64, same python version, same ipython 

Thank you for any tips!


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