[IPython-User] ipycli - command line support for notebooks

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Mon Jul 9 12:24:57 CDT 2012


Just wanted to share a project I started over the weekend. It's essentially the IPython notebook modified to support arbitrary pathed notebooks and directories. The idea being that you have one notebook server and add/create notebooks from the command line. 

The basic usage would be:

nb add-dir some_directory # add the directory to the list of notebook_dirs
nb note.ipynb # add a single notebook

ipycli has two types of notebooks. Those that come from notebook dirs, which work like the normal Notebook except you can have multiple, and the pathed notebooks which only list the added notebook. 


nb add-dir hello
nb test4/wheee.ipynb



while ipycli doesn't require modifying your ipython install, it was only tested again dev (@811283a)

The nb script in bin assumes that your ipycli server is running locally and on port 8888. You can change that in the script. 

I turned on the stable guids, which means the notebook_id is stable as long as it's not renamed. I'm not sure what the implications of that are, but I'm ignoring the comment warning for the sake of convenience… for now.

Dale Jung
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