[IPython-User] troubleshooting ipcluster

Robert Nishihara robertnishihara@gmail....
Wed Jul 11 11:03:34 CDT 2012

My cluster recently upgraded to IPython 0.13. Now, when I run

    ipcluster start -n 3 --profile=sge

the controller and engines get submitted to the queue, but the terminate
immediately after starting. However, the output looks normal

    2012-07-11 11:56:27,531.531 [IPClusterStart] Using existing profile
dir: u'/home/robert/.ipython/profile_sge'
    2012-07-11 11:56:27.566 [IPClusterStart] Starting ipcluster with
    2012-07-11 11:56:27.570 [IPClusterStart] Creating pid file:
    2012-07-11 11:56:27.573 [IPClusterStart] Starting Controller with
    2012-07-11 11:56:27.723 [IPClusterStart] Job submitted with job id:
    2012-07-11 11:56:28.568 [IPClusterStart] Starting 3 Engines with
    2012-07-11 11:56:28.645 [IPClusterStart] Job submitted with job id:
    2012-07-11 11:56:58.647 [IPClusterStart] Engines appear to have started

Is there a good way to troubleshoot this? The --debug flag doesn't seem to
give me any useful information.

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