[IPython-User] ipython notebook server experience

Carl Smith carl.input@gmail....
Wed Jul 11 15:19:27 CDT 2012

> Thanks I've seen this, though it's not exactly what I have in mind. I'd
> prefer to maintain my own server.

You can maintain your own stack, just not the hardware it runs on obviously.

> Devil's advocate here: It seems like to
> me, and maybe I'm just totally misunderstanding, but a notebook server that
> only serves well for one person is a bit of a misnomer. Why wouldn't I just
> provide different user accounts where people could SSH into the box with
> their own account and run the qt-console?

There's a few people looking at multi-user situations, but often seem
to want different things. I don't personally think there's anything at
all wrong with a single user server. It's not conventional,

>> As for your resources problem, amazon EC2 is free for the first hundreds
>> of hour I think[2], so your student can
>> each get an account and could mess around without impacting others
>> performances.

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