[IPython-User] ipycli - command line support for notebooks

Carl Smith carl.input@gmail....
Fri Jul 13 13:31:13 CDT 2012

>  I'd be happy with a single interface as long as it's as least as friendly
> to new users as the two interface design.

How about replacing the dashboard with a 'dashbook'? The idea being
that each profile has one, and only one, dashbook associated with it.
It can be stored in the profile's directory.

Whenever a user goes to the dashboard, they arrive at their dashbook
instead. The dashbook would just be a regular notebook, so saves would
be persistent, but it would be kept aside and only used as the
profile's dashbook.

New dashbooks would start out with a single markdown cell which would
contain some nice, introductory text and some controls that do stuff
like link to the docs and create a new notebook.

New users would land at a screen with a helpful html header, and a
cell below it to start working in straight away. As you edited the
dashbook, you'd soon edit the header, tailoring it to your regular
needs, or just deleting the cell altogether.

It'd be useful to have a single notebook, that's always quick to jump
to, for managing everything else in that profile.

Maybe something along these lines could work??

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