[IPython-User] ipython notebook server experience

Matthias BUSSONNIER bussonniermatthias@gmail....
Fri Jul 13 14:18:24 CDT 2012

> My solution was to create an account for each student, copy classroom material into their home directory, and start a password protected notebook server for each of them. All done automatically on linux with this script https://github.com/Midnighter/Notebooks-Launcher
>> ...

You can/should add your project to the [wiki], I also described something like that as an [idea for sprit], but apparently it is already done.
That's nice.

> I would like to change my script in a way that it sets up the accounts on one machine but that the notebook servers that I start connect to a remote cluster of ipython kernels so as not to overtax that one machine. I lack the knowledge as to whether that is actually possible but with your need as motivation and help by the awesome ipython folks I can work on this.

Min is the best to answer that I think. 

[wiki] http://wiki.ipython.org/
[idea for sprint] http://wiki.ipython.org/SciPy2012Sprint (feel free to edit the page and add ideas) 

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