[IPython-User] an idea for a magic

John Hunter jdh2358@gmail....
Sat Jul 14 18:47:38 CDT 2012

I've been thinking about toggling inline and non-inline toggle figures.  Eg
suppose I am demo-ing mplot3d and want to pop a figure out of the notebook
for some interaction. It appears this is still not fully baked according to
the issue


I had an idea for something simple.  A common use case , for me at least,
is to have a cell that represents a complete figure, eg it doesn't rely on
the cells above except for the plt and np imports.  One could have a
"popout" magic, where you decorate a cell with "%popout gtkagg" or
something like that.  It creates a tempfile with the np and plt imports
then all the code from the cell, then does a shebang python on the
tempfile.  Voila, your figure pops up for interactive navigation.
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