[IPython-User] Embedding IPython inside a C++/QT app

Nelson Silva njss@hotmail....
Tue Jul 17 21:44:09 CDT 2012

I am developing using QT SDK and I am also using some Python Machine Learning Libs.
I would like to give some scripting...python support to my scientific app developed using QT creator.
That would allow the users to write plugins to this app, to make use of the awesome advanced capabilities of IPython and to integrate all of this with our own 3D Scenegraph (open source).Also...our app allows the user to have a visual programming interface...so we could have c++ blocks and python blocks for visual programming.
Is this "possible"!? is this something that is within the interests to the IPython dev team...? Can you guys help me!?

Nelson S. Silva 		 	   		  
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