[IPython-User] Hook to add alternative notebook manager

Brian Granger ellisonbg@gmail....
Tue Jul 17 23:49:56 CDT 2012

On Tue, Jul 17, 2012 at 8:17 PM, Toby Burnett <tburnett@uw.edu> wrote:
> Thank you!
> This is exactly the sort of thing I’ve been waiting for, as I watch the list
> of my notebooks grow, and often wish to have access to earlier versions,
> included their output! Also hoping for a sensible way to share notebooks
> with my students.

This doesn't quite provide what you are wanting, but it moves in that
direction.  Look forward to see how you end up using it.

> I’ve installed the updated version of IPython 0.14dev and your manager Ok,
> and django of course. But I’d appreciate dummy’s style hints on how to
> actually start using it. I take it that mysql was installed with django? I’m
> mystified about how to set INSTALLED_APPS and start the django server. Oh,
> in windows as well as linux if possible.

I have no idea on how to handle the Django side of things.  But to
enable your notebook manager and configure it, you should add lines
like this to your ipython_notebook_config.py file:

    # This picks which nb manager is used:
    c.NotebookApp.notebook_manager_class =

    # This configures that nb manager:
    c.AzureNotebookManager.account_name = u'mynotebooks'
    c.AzureNotebookManager.account_key = u'paste_your_key_here'
    c.AzureNotebookManager.container = u'notebooks'



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