[IPython-User] Expanding glob* parameters for %run

Thomas Kluyver takowl@gmail....
Thu Jul 19 04:17:52 CDT 2012

Thanks Adam,

On 19 July 2012 09:25, Adam Davis <addavis@fosterandpartners.com> wrote:
> I would prefer to see IPython behave consistently across platforms, and
> to have globbing enabled by default. I just wanted to raise the point
> that if the goal is to remain as consistent as possible with existing
> user expectations and code, some Windows users may be impacted. Thus, I
> would respond to your second question that yes, there may be a need to
> disable globbing (though I don't have a specific use case to hand).

I'd say we want to balance consistency and user expectations with
reasonably simple code. So unless someone presents a good reason why
we should avoid glob expansion on Windows, I think it can work like
POSIX-y shells. From the user survey last year [1], a majority of our
users are probably familiar with POSIX shells, anyway.

[1] http://ipython.org/usersurvey2011.html

Best wishes,

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