[IPython-User] Change shell ipython use?

Joon Ro joonpyro@gmail....
Thu Jul 19 21:39:00 CDT 2012

>     I was wondering if it is possible to change the shell ipython uses
>     when
>     I give !command. (I think it currently uses /bin/sh)
> There are two cases:
> 1. terminal IPython, where it uses `os.system`.  You cannot configure
> this.
> 2. kernel-using cases (notebook, etc.) where it uses
> subprocess.Popen(...shell=True).  I am not sure if we can configure this.

Thanks for the reply! I just skimmed through the documentation 
and it says

    (with Shell=True,) Popen does the equivalent of:
    Popen(['/bin/sh', '-c', args[0], args[1], ...])

So with "shell=True" it seems to be not possible.

Since the reason I wanted this is to use aliases that I had in my 
shell, I guess I can just redefine those aliases in ipython.

Thank you,

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