[IPython-User] Installing ipython dependencies

Felix Patzelt felix@neuro.uni-bremen...
Mon Jul 23 13:06:26 CDT 2012

Hi again,

we are catching up with the dependencies. However, I still can't install the qtconsole. easy_install ipython[qtconsole] just gives  the error

pkg_resources.UnknownExtra: ipython 0.13 has no such extra feature 'qtconsole'

and this really seems to be a problem with the distribute repository. easy_install ipython[zmq,notebook,test] works fine.

Am 20.07.2012 um 17:29 schrieb Fernando Perez:

> On Fri, Jul 20, 2012 at 8:08 AM, Felix Patzelt
> <felix@neuro.uni-bremen.de> wrote:
>> Thanks a lot, this worked. Unfortunately,  I have some more work to do. E.G. sqlite is still missing. I talked to the admin and we will prepare our own repository
> You probably didn't have sqlite (with dev headers) available when you
> built python.  You'll need to rebuild your python for that.
> for necessary tools for everyone. I'll try and put together a standard
> installation of ipython, numpy, scipy, etc. so that everyone can use
> that. Currently most people here are using Matlab, but this may change
> in the near future.
> Great!  Keep us posted :)
> f
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