[IPython-User] Reusable notebooks

Adam Hughes hughesadam87@gmail....
Mon Jul 23 14:37:51 CDT 2012

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the IPython Notebook and having trouble finding out where to
look for information in regard to the following question.

I really like the notebook and think one major upgrade to the common
scientific workflow is in regard to writing analysis methods which are
reusable; however, not general enough to be useful to anyone else.

I created a notebook that takes in a datafile and does analysis to it based
on my very customized needs.  I would not share this with anyone; however,
I do want to reuse it for several different datafiles.  What I'm doing now
is manually changing the name of the datafile at the top of the notebook
and then just doing shift+enter to rerun everything one cell at a time.

My question is how would I change this so that the notebook can be run all
at once with the datafile as an input.  Basically, how can I turn this into
a standalone script that is run from the command line for example?  Is this
possible in IPython?  If so, can you guys direct me to some examples or
discussion where it was already covered?  I'm having some trouble finding
my away around notebook resources; they seem scattered around the web a bit.


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