[IPython-User] Reconnect to an ipython notebook

Ricardo Amézquita ramezquitao@gmail....
Tue Jul 24 16:52:03 CDT 2012

First of all, as many have done before, I  would like to thanks the ipython
development team for this wonderful tool.

Now my question:

I have been developing some tools to simulate optical systems using python.
Because some of my calculations are very heavy and some of them use the
GPU, I have set up a server running an ipython notebook server in an Amazon
EC2 instance. I'm having some problems, because sometimes I need to close
the browse, when a simulation is running. Is it possible to leave a really
long simulation running (days), close the browser window, and reconnect
again to see the results in the browser?

Ricardo Amézquita Orozco

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