[IPython-User] IPython Qt Console frozen

Diego diego.no.spam@gmail....
Sat Jul 28 14:40:50 CDT 2012


I've been using IPython 0.12 and the Qt Console with no problems
whatsoever for a while.

Everything was fine until today, when I opened the IPython Qt Console
and -although it opened up- it was frozen. No cursor and no user
interaction, except for the menus, which are fully responsive. I also
get a dialog saying that the kernel heartbeat has been inactive for 3
seconds and asking whether I want to restart the kernel. It does not
matter what I choose on that dialog, the console remains the same.

Regular IPython is working as usual.

My platform is Linux Mint Debian Edition 64 bits and I'm attaching a
screenshot of the frozen Qt Console.

Any hints?

Thanks in advance,
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