[IPython-User] OSX Mountain Lion emergence and its effect on IPython?

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Sat Jul 28 17:43:34 CDT 2012

On Sat, Jul 28, 2012 at 1:19 PM, Matthias BUSSONNIER <
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> Le 28 juil. 2012 à 21:57, Comer Duncan a écrit :
> > I am wondering whether there will be any effect at all on one's builds
> of IPython now that X11 seems to have been removed.  Can the developers
> give me their take on any implications of the release of Mountain Lion on
> IPython on the Mac?

I've been using Mountain Lion for a day now, and did a clean install of
everything from master (IPython, numpy, scipy, matplotlib, cython, sympy).
SciPy needed a tiny bit of help <https://github.com/scipy/scipy/pull/276>,
but that's it.

X is totally irrelevant to IPython itself, but the freetype, etc. that
matplotlib links against if you use the system one is part of X.
 Installing XQuartz allowed matplotlib to load the system freetype just
fine.  I imagine that if you used `make -f make.osx fetch deps` in
matplotlib to fetch/build your own freetype/libpng, then you would not need
the XQuartz package, but I went that way because I tend to avoid building
things from source.

I've been happily working with the notebook and qtconsole without issue so


> Of the top of my head, I don't see any reason why removing X11 would be a
> problem for building IPython, except in some  code of nbconvert that uses
> inkscape (that requires X11) to convert svg to png at run time.
> Personally I think won't update my main computers before I'm almost
> obliged, but i might upgrade one computer for testing purpose.
> Also I think that XQuartz is still available for Mountain lion, and
> well... it has always replaced  and surpassed X11 on all of my computers...
> > Thanks for the excellent quality software you guys have developed and
> are developing.  I truly great contribution to getting something done day
> by day!
> Happy to be followed days after days
> Cheers.
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