[IPython-User] Different result between typing at the prompt and running from a file on Windows

Mark Bakker markbak@gmail....
Mon Jul 30 04:56:35 CDT 2012

Dear List,

I am running matplotlib from IPython and am getting different results when
running from a file than typing them at the prompt on Windows (this works
fine on my Mac).
I am trying to determine the position of the axes after doing an imshow
with maplotlib. I have 5 lines of code:

from pylab import *
c = ones((10,20))
ax = imshow(c)
print ax.get_axes().get_position()

On my Mac I get:
run testimage
Bbox(array([[ 0.125     ,  0.24166667],
       [ 0.9       ,  0.75833333]]))

On Windows I get:
run testimage
Bbox(array([[ 0.125, 0.1 ],
       [0.9, 0.9 ]]))

Any thoughts? When I type the commands in at the IPython prompt it works
most of the time (on Windows), but it never works when running the file.
What in the world could be different?

Thanks for your help,

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