[IPython-User] CTRL-C doesn't work in pylab, EPD-7.3.1-macos-i386, WXAgg backend

Ryan Abernathey ryan.abernathey@gmail....
Mon Jun 4 14:33:37 CDT 2012


After researching this problem extensively on my own, I have decided to
turn to these mailing lists for help. I apologize if the solution is
obvious or already documented--I have not been able to find a solution
elsewhere. This seems like such a fundamental problem that someone out
there must have solved it.

I am using the standard 32-bit Enthought python distribution for Mac,
version 7.3.1. The ipython version is 0.12.1. The default backend for pylab
in this configuration is WXAgg, which seems to provide the best performance
in terms of figure rendering. I imagine that many ipython users are also
using this default configuration. For interactive work, I start ipython
using the command
$ ipython --pylab

The problem is that, in this environment, CTRL-C does not work at all! It
cannot be used to cancel mistaken input, and, more crucially, it
cannot interrupt a running command. This is a huge limitation which renders
the environment almost unusable for me. I can work around the problem by
using a different backend (e.g. TK or OSX), but these have their own
disadvantages. I have confirmed this problem on several different systems
running different versions of Mac OS (both 10.6 and 10.7).

So my question is simple: is it possible to use ipython in pylab mode with
the WXAgg backend on a Mac with CTRL-C functioning properly?

I sincerely appreciate any help you can offer.

Thank You,
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