[IPython-User] CTRL-C doesn't work in pylab, EPD-7.3.1-macos-i386, WXAgg backend

MinRK benjaminrk@gmail....
Mon Jun 4 14:51:13 CDT 2012

On Mon, Jun 4, 2012 at 12:33 PM, Ryan Abernathey

> Hello,
> After researching this problem extensively on my own, I have decided to
> turn to these mailing lists for help. I apologize if the solution is
> obvious or already documented--I have not been able to find a solution
> elsewhere. This seems like such a fundamental problem that someone out
> there must have solved it.
> I am using the standard 32-bit Enthought python distribution for Mac,
> version 7.3.1. The ipython version is 0.12.1. The default backend for pylab
> in this configuration is WXAgg, which seems to provide the best performance
> in terms of figure rendering. I imagine that many ipython users are also
> using this default configuration. For interactive work, I start ipython
> using the command
> $ ipython --pylab
> The problem is that, in this environment, CTRL-C does not work at all! It
> cannot be used to cancel mistaken input, and, more crucially, it
> cannot interrupt a running command. This is a huge limitation which renders
> the environment almost unusable for me. I can work around the problem by
> using a different backend (e.g. TK or OSX), but these have their own
> disadvantages. I have confirmed this problem on several different systems
> running different versions of Mac OS (both 10.6 and 10.7).
> So my question is simple: is it possible to use ipython in pylab mode with
> the WXAgg backend on a Mac with CTRL-C functioning properly?
> I sincerely appreciate any help you can offer.

One of the oldest issues in IPython:

I typically use the native backend (OS X), which I find behaves the best,
but Qt also tends to behave better than Wx.

You might try upgrading to current IPython master, to see if there is any
improvement.  I know there has been some fiddling with signals since
0.12.1, but I'm not sure if Wx is affected.


> Thank You,
> Ryan
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