[IPython-User] tkinter dependency

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Mon Jun 4 19:37:03 CDT 2012

On Mon, Jun 4, 2012 at 9:30 AM, Julian Taylor
<jtaylor.debian@googlemail.com> wrote:
> this is probably related to this issue:
> https://github.com/ipython/ipython/issues/1736
> you should get a descriptive error message on missing tk but it
> currently does not work properly.

Yup: we don't want to make Tkinter a hard dependency because it's only
used for this one feature that not necessarily everyone uses. What we
need is to fix the issue of providing a sensible, useful error message
when things fail so the user can decide to either install tkinter or
not use %paste.



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