[IPython-User] Possible to use web-socket-js wrapper?

debjan otrov@hush...
Sat Jun 9 19:10:13 CDT 2012

Ah, all right
Sorry for my persistence, I wasn't thinking that it might be indeed 

I guess I'll try to make sense of sockets.io or perhaps just use 
IE10, and head to Windows 7/8


On Sun, 10 Jun 2012 01:23:54 +0200 Fernando Perez wrote:
>I don't want to sound hostile, please understand it's simply a 
>of limited resources: our team's expertise is already weakest on
>Windows to begin with, as very few of us use it regularly.
>Furthermore, we've had already quite a few headaches getting even 
>very newest versions of Chrome and Firefox to work reliably with 
>notebook: there's a lot of code under the hood that is fiddly and
>time-consuming to test, and we keep finding problems even with 
>brand-new browsers.
>And finally, browser testing is very time consuming, as many of 
>issues boil down to staring at the screen and seeing rendering
>oddities.  With a small core team that is already running behind 
>managing code we *can* handle, IE8 testing just isn't going to 
>So in practice, I can tell you that the likelihood of supporting 
>is more or less zero from us.  Sorry if this isn't what you want 
>hear, but with limited resources and lofty goals, we have to be 
>When IE10 comes out, we'll certainly revisit this question, as 
>the looks of it IE 10 will be a functioning web browser for 
>internet and hopefully thing will work much better.  But until 
>happens, our answer on Windows will continue to be Chrome/Firefox, 
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