[IPython-User] Spawning kernels on different machines

K K neurotheory2012@gmail....
Mon Jun 18 07:12:05 CDT 2012

Hello IPython team,

With the current Tornado-ZMQ kernel architecture for the notebook frontend,
is it possible to run the kernel processes on a different machine/core from
the main server process?

Here is the use case:
- I have a notebook server running on my machine
- the machine has access to a cluster farm with several cores
- whenever a new user accesses the notebook server, I start a kernel for
the user on one of the cluster cores
- The server needs to manage the data exchange between the kernels on the
cluster and the user.

IPython.Parallel might be better suited for this, but for other reasons, I
modified the notebookapp to run a custom webapp on the Tornado server. And,
I want a way to spawn the kernels on a cluster.

Thanks for the comments!
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