[IPython-User] ipcluster: Too many open files (tcp_listener.cpp:213)

Jon Olav Vik jonovik@gmail....
Tue Jun 19 02:33:47 CDT 2012

[IPControllerApp] client::client '...' requested u'registration_request'
[IPClusterStart] Too many open files (tcp_listener.cpp:213)
[IPClusterStart] Process '.../python' stopped: {'pid': 21820, 'exit_code': -6}
[IPClusterStart] IPython cluster: stopping

Feature request: Rather than have "too many open files" bring the entire 
ipcluster down, could we have a configurable limit on the number of connections 
that the controller will accept? It is more important for me that my jobs run 
unattended than them going at 400x rather than 250x speedup.

In other news, I checked at the clusters where I've had no problems. They have 
ulimit -n of 16384 and 4096, giving theoretical maximum speedups of 4096 and 
1024, respectively.

Jon Olav

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