[IPython-User] Connection timeouts, reconnecting, status

Thomas Pfaff toromtomtom@googlemail....
Wed Jun 20 03:31:48 CDT 2012

Hi everyone,

I'm using Ipython 0.12, python 2.6.6, 32-bit on a Windows7 x64 system.
I *love* the notebook. It has revolutionized the way I work with
python and on my data.
For the first time, it feels really natural to explore data
interactively, have the plots inline, and do the documentation
Thank you for this awesome piece of software!

But now enough of the praise, back to business.

There are a few things that kind of bother me, still and I wonder if
I'm alone with those.
These are:

1. My notebooks are timing out too fast and too often.

If there is the slightest load on my PC, I usually get the message
that the Kernel has died even when opening a notebook for the first
time. Needless to say that these local kernels are enjoying perfect
health and can be connected to by qtconsoles without any problems.
Also, often I get timeouts when returning from suspend, which is
especially annoying because that is what suspend is for. Getting back
to your work without having to re-run everything.
Is there a way to increase the timeout for the notebook as a first workaround?

2. I could live with the timeout message if there were an easy way to
reconnect to a kernel without having to restart it.

Closing the notebook and reopening from the dashboard doesn't seem the
right option, because sometimes I try something, which I don't want to
save, but like to keep for the current session.
Is there another way? Or could I persuade you to introduce a
'reconnect' button in the next release?

3. You can't tell a notebook with a dead kernel from a live one.

Right now, the only way to tell is that the notebook doesn't change to
'Busy' when submitting a code cell on a dead notebook. It's not a big
deal, but people also put an 'out-of-order' sign to an elevator and
don't expect the people to find out for themselves.
Couldn't you just use the status display and extend it by 'Connected'
and 'Disconnected' for the times it's not 'Busy' or 'Restarting'?

4. Is there a way to create a copy of a notebook?

Right now I'm doing it by copying the .ipynb file and changing the
notebook title using a text editor. That's fine, but prone to errors.
It would be nice to have a copy function of some sorts, because,
again, sometimes you'd like to make changes to an existing notebook,
or re-use code from one without modifying the original.

That would be my kind of wishlist (they do sound a bit trivial, now
that I read them a second time, so maybe they could be implemented
If they are not trivial, how difficult do you think they would be to
implement. Maybe I'd use some spare time after I finished my thesis,
to try and increase ipython's awesomeness on these issues by myself.

Or maybe just tell me that all this has already been solved in 0.13.
Christmas would have got serious competition.



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