[IPython-User] ipython parallel

Harald Schilly harald.schilly@gmail....
Fri Jun 22 11:15:15 CDT 2012

+1 to the ipython parallel praise :)

On Fri, Jun 22, 2012 at 6:03 PM, Wolfgang Kerzendorf
<wkerzendorf@gmail.com> wrote:
> --ip=<myip>

If I'm not mistaken, you can put this into the config file. look into
For my application, I created my own profile with it's own config
files. That's really great, too.

>  I would like to preload this data on all of the engines, so I can just access it as a global variable. How do I do this?

The cluster I use has an NFS filesystem. I think that it what you
want. Much easier to deal with this (+ you'll need shared user
accounts, of course)

>  I suggest making a little easy config file that contains ip adresses and number of engines to start (and connection method) that would go along with ipcluster. ipcluster would then start up engines on the specified ip addresses and build a cluster.

In my config file, mentioned above, I have a small loop that generates
all the names of the machines.
ipcluster start --profile=<name> then does the rest :)


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