[IPython-User] mathjax 2.0?

Comer Duncan comer.duncan@gmail....
Fri Mar 2 10:06:50 CST 2012

Hi Brian,
> I think there can only be *one* call to Hub.Config so you really need
> to fold these options into the existing call.
Well, this morning I did exactly that, including the use of the
equationNumbering in the single call to Hub.Config in notebookmain.js.
 When I did sudo python2.7 setup.py install from my local ipython
(.13-dev) directory and cleared the cache in chrome, stopped chrome,
restarted it and ran ipython notebook --profile=sympy in my notebooks
directory, the dashboard tab displayed the list of notebooks but _non_
of them would display anything. After removing the new code from
notebookmain.js and reinstalling as above, everything works fine
except that no default equation numbering happens. I can get \tag{1}
to work as before.  So, what is causing all notebooks to not display
when the one line of code is inserted, I can not say.

Is it ok with you that I contact Davide Cervone, the developer of
MathJax and ask him?  Doing that would probably involve me pasting a
small amount of you guys javascript code in the question. Just want to
be sure that is ok.


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