[IPython-User] Add Ipython notebook session at sturtup

Massimo Di Stefano massimodisasha@gmail....
Sun Mar 18 19:01:27 CDT 2012

Hi All,

i'm running Ipython notebook (git version) on a virtual server accessible from internet and where i have access trough ssh.
i configured the notebook to run on a static IP with -no browser and ssl certificate.
all is running correctly simply typing in the shell :  'ipython notebook'

i'd like to have the ipython notebook  running when my linux server will startup so to avoid the step : ssh-log-in ; 

i tried adding a script 'python.sh' inside /etc/init.d/ and i isse : rc-update python.sh default … but this approach doesn't work.
have you any hints on how to do it?

Many thanks!


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