[IPython-User] Notebook ceased to work

Thomas Pfaff thomas.pfaff@iws.uni-stuttgart...
Tue Mar 20 06:16:12 CDT 2012

Hello everyone,


I use Ipython 0.12 on a  Windows7 x64 machine with a 32bit python(x,y) installation.


When I used the notebook 10 days ago everything was working fine.


Today, when I start up the notebook the dashboard opens and if I select one of the notebooks it gets opened all right with the kernel apparently started properly as well.

However, I can not send any commands to the kernel. If I hit Shift-Enter in a code cell, the prompt changes to [*], but there is no red "Busy" in the top right.

Sometimes the prompt changes to [1], but apparently the code was not executed as I have no access to Tab-shortcuts in other code cells.

When I got a bit impatient and hit Tab or Shift-Enter too often, I got an error saying that the websocket has been closed and in the command window running the server there was a traceback about an illegal character in a json-decode call. I can't reproduce that right now, otherwise I would have pasted more details.


The only two things that might have happened in the meantime are some windows updates and an upgrade to Firefox 11.

I tried with IE 9 but there nothing works at all (no dashboard, nothing)


Any ideas?


Thank you for your help.





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