[IPython-User] iPython 1.2 not restoring aliases, history, etc.

Paul Ivanov pivanov314@gmail....
Tue Mar 20 16:56:34 CDT 2012

Thomas Kluyver, on 2012-03-20 20:42,  wrote:
> By default, you have to manually load things that you've %store'd. If
> you want them to be automatically restored when you start IPython, add
> this to your ipython_config.py file:
> c.StoreMagic.autorestore = True

Ah, now I see where  the confusion is coming from: this is not
documented in %store - in fact, the docs for %store say it should
work without having to make any changes:


  In [1]: l = ['hello',10,'world']
  In [2]: %store l
  In [3]: exit

  (IPython session is closed and started again...)

  ville@badger:~$ ipython
  In [1]: l
  Out[1]: ['hello', 10, 'world']

Is there a reason that autorestore isn't True by default? We
should add the ability to restore without having to change
configs or having to pass --StoreMagic.autorestore=True when
starting the process. I see that %store -r works for object (like
the example above) but not for aliases.

We should also update %store's documentation either way.

Paul Ivanov
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