[IPython-User] heart disease?

Comer Duncan comer.duncan@gmail....
Wed Mar 21 13:15:14 CDT 2012


Today, I am noticing on my macbook that when I run ipython notebook
--profile=sympy that it takes up to a minute for chrome to light up
with the dashboard in a tab.  So, when I select a particular notebook
to run and run it, it takes a while for it to run (=> longer than
usual and seemingly not due to mathjax being slow).  Well I could
chalk that up to local issues on my machine, but have not seen that
until today. And finally the kernel keeps dying.  I keep restarting it
and this sequence goes on and on with the kernel restarted living for
less than a minute.  The stated output on stdout mentions the kernel
failed to respond to heartbeat.  Any idea as to why this may happen
and when?  And what if anything to do about it?

Thanks for your ideas.


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