[IPython-User] [SciPy-User] Layering a virtualenv over EPD

Chris Withers chris@simplistix.co...
Fri Mar 23 14:00:42 CDT 2012

On 11/03/2012 08:55, Andreas H. wrote:
> I just uploaded a quick log of what I did to accomplish exactly this to
>     https://gist.github.com/2015652
> I do have the problem that within the virtualenv, something with the
> console's not working right, as iPythons help doesn't work properly, and
> I cannot launch applications which open windows (except for ``ipython
> pylab=wx``) ...

That sounds less than ideal ;-)

I suspect you've ended up doing what I'm intent on avoiding: 
re-installing ipython just to get the launch script in the bin directory 
of the virtualenv.

Now, you can just manually craft a script in there by copying the 
system-wide one and hacking the pling line, but you shouldn't have to. 
I've opened a bug on virtualenv for this:


However, now that I'm CC'ing the ipython list, does ipython only provide 
distutils shell scripts? It would be great if it could also provide a 
setuptools-compatible console_scripts entry point?



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