[IPython-User] Updating inline graphs in Notebook

Benjamin Scherrey scherrey@proteus-tech....
Mon Mar 26 13:19:50 CDT 2012

    I have in mind a concept of a notebook with an initial data
initialization cell (to establish data in the namespace), a second cell
that defines a function(s) and declaration for a graph, and one or more
follow up cells that manipulate the data causing the inline graph declared
in the 2nd cell to be updated accordingly. I've not been able to figure out
a clean way to do this. It seems just calling display() on a graph instance
doesn't necessarily update it. I hope it's not just my environment. Even
the matplotlib animation demo isn't working in the qtconsole so it may not
be just a notebook issue.I'm running Ubuntu 11.04 and latest
iPython/notebook stable releases under Python 2.7.

   Appreciate any pointers/suggestions,

  -- Ben
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