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Darren Govoni darren@ontrenet....
Thu Nov 1 06:49:23 CDT 2012

    When I tried the sockjs branch, my goal was for it to address the 
issue with the main branch
opening random sockets back to the server which is not a firewall or WAN 
friendly approach.
I thought sockjs was coded to address this, but I also was not able to 
get it working and tried
the various suggestions (e.g. setting disabled protocol="ws" etc) but it 
still wouldn't work across
our network.

I would offer again, that despite the convenience of using on-the-fly 
ports, the best and most
web-compliant approach is to tunnel all the client/server interactions 
over the same port/HTTP
that the client originated and use the "front-controller" pattern on the 
server to sort out what
goes where. This approach is proven to work and to scale. And its how 
ipcontroller sort of already
works (as a hub controller for multiple engines and manages the 
interactions of those engines).


On 10/31/2012 11:23 PM, Massimo Di Stefano wrote:
> Hi All,
> i've exactly the same needs,
> the network of my institute is under a VPN & firewall
> and they don't allow me to run the notebook outside the VPN
> looking for a solution i found the sockjs branch a possible way to 
> figure out this problem
> i reinstalled ipython using the sokjs branch .. but i guess i need to 
> tune-up some settings in order to have it running.
> because i have exactly the same behavior of master branch.
> please can you try to guide me to learn how to use that branch ?
> thanks.
> Massimo.
> Il giorno Sep 19, 2012, alle ore 9:12 AM, Darren Govoni ha scritto:
>> Hi,
>>   I got the sockjs code PR from minrk git and wanted to try it from 
>> my Amazon instance within our network (which blocks non 80 outbound 
>> ports). I have configured my ipython notebook to run on port 80.
>> When I access the notebook, I get this error in FF.
>> --------------------------------------------------------------
>> Kernel started:
>> 5c3becbf-c91b-4bed-927d-e2c67a2f01d3
>> kernel.js?v=b53bb (line 80)
>> Starting WS:
>> ws://ec2-50-17-81-219.compute-1.amazonaws.com/kernels/5c3becbf-c91b-4bed-927d-e2c67a2f01d3
>> kernel.js?v=b53bb (line 127)
>> The connection to 
>> ws://ec2-50-17-81-219.compute-1.amazonaws.com/kernels/5c3becbf-c91b-4bed-927d-e2c67a2f01d3/shell 
>> was interrupted while the page was loading.
>> this.shell_channel = new this.WebSocket(ws_url + "/shell");
>> kernel.js?v=b53bb (line 128)
>> The connection to ws://ec2-50-17-81-219.comput 
>> e-1.amazonaws.com/kernels/5c3becbf-c91b-4bed-927d-e2c67a2f01d3/iopub 
>> <http://e-1.amazonaws.com/kernels/5c3becbf-c91b-4bed-927d-e2c67a2f01d3/iopub> 
>> was interrupted while the page was loading.
>> this.iopub_channel = new this.WebSocket(ws_url + "/iopub");
>>  -----------------------------------------------------
>> My goal/desire is to have all the interactions from client notebook 
>> to server to route over friendly HTTP (not random ports) from the 
>> originating server (which is the secure approach). Is this possible 
>> or intended? Otherwise, we won't be able to use this wonderful tool. 
>> Tips appreciated.
>> Darren
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