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Massimo Di Stefano epiesasha@me....
Thu Nov 1 04:09:04 CDT 2012

To be sure i'm using the right branch i removed the old installation and profile files.

I tried to use ProxyPass with this configuration in the 000-default file in the directory sites-enabled for apache (/etc/apache2/sites-enabled). 
This is at the bottom before the ending VirtuaoHost tag.

<Location />
        Order deny,allow
        Allow from all
        ProxyPassReverse /
        ProxyHTMLExtended On
        SetOutputFilter proxy-html

ProxyPass / my.host.edu:8888/
ProxyPassReverse / my.host.edu:8888/

but doesn't work, 

Looking through the documentation for IPython Notebook i found this:

Known Issues 

When behind a proxy, especially if your system or browser is set to
autoreconize the proxy, the html notebook might failed to conect to the
WebSocket of the Tornado web-server, and present you with a warning at startup.
You might then want to exclude the adresse of the web-server to avoid using the

For example in Firefox, go to the preference pannel, `Advance` section,
`Network` thumbnaiil, `Parameters`, then add the adresse of the notebook server
to the `no proxy for :` field.


I tried doing what is described here, adding my.host.edu to the 'no proxy for' field (Chrome, on MacbookPro) and that did NOT resolve the issue.

from that topic :


it seems to be a known bug

the comment that suggests to try the sockjs branch is:  https://github.com/ipython/ipython/pull/2321#issuecomment-8584862

… but i'm stuck on understand how to use it in a proper way 
any help ?



Il giorno Oct 31, 2012, alle ore 11:23 PM, Massimo Di Stefano ha scritto:

> Hi All,
> i've exactly the same needs, 
> the network of my institute is under a VPN & firewall 
> and they don't allow me to run the notebook outside the VPN
> looking for a solution i found the sockjs branch a possible way to figure out this problem 
> i reinstalled ipython using the sokjs branch .. but i guess i need to tune-up some settings in order to have it running.
> because i have exactly the same behavior of master branch.
> please can you try to guide me to learn how to use that branch ?
> thanks.
> Massimo.
> Il giorno Sep 19, 2012, alle ore 9:12 AM, Darren Govoni ha scritto:
>> Hi,
>>   I got the sockjs code PR from minrk git and wanted to try it from my Amazon instance within our network (which blocks non 80 outbound ports). I have configured my ipython notebook to run on port 80.
>> When I access the notebook, I get this error in FF.
>> --------------------------------------------------------------
>> Kernel started: 
>> 5c3becbf-c91b-4bed-927d-e2c67a2f01d3
>> kernel.js?v=b53bb (line 80)
>> Starting WS:
>> ws://ec2-50-17-81-219.compute-1.amazonaws.com/kernels/5c3becbf-c91b-4bed-927d-e2c67a2f01d3
>> kernel.js?v=b53bb (line 127)
>> The connection to ws://ec2-50-17-81-219.compute-1.amazonaws.com/kernels/5c3becbf-c91b-4bed-927d-e2c67a2f01d3/shell was interrupted while the page was loading.
>> this.shell_channel = new this.WebSocket(ws_url + "/shell");
>> kernel.js?v=b53bb (line 128)
>> The connection to ws://ec2-50-17-81-219.comput
>>  e-1.amazonaws.com/kernels/5c3becbf-c91b-4bed-927d-e2c67a2f01d3/iopub was interrupted while the page was loading.
>> this.iopub_channel = new this.WebSocket(ws_url + "/iopub");
>>  -----------------------------------------------------
>> My goal/desire is to have all the interactions from client notebook to server to route over friendly HTTP (not random ports) from the originating server (which is the secure approach). Is this possible or intended? Otherwise, we won't be able to use this wonderful tool. Tips appreciated.
>> Darren
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