[IPython-User] Notebook cells don't execute in Windows

klo uo klonuo@gmail....
Sat Nov 3 03:47:12 CDT 2012

I tried that, and it had no impact here, although it seems my reported
problem (linked in first mail in this thread) is different, but with same

I wanted to add more notes on this problem, which hopefully will help you
track this issue.

Couple of days after I had this problem and resolved it by using Opera, I
removed whole Python installation and packages and installed again. After
that IPython was working fine in all browsers, so I thought it must have
been some package that caused this. But just right now I see the problem
again. To let you know, I don't have thousands packages. Standard ones like
numpy/scipy... some scikits, h5py, mayavi, pyqt, wx, and their dependencies.

I used IPython dev version, so occasionally update IPython directory cloned
from git, and play with it, mostly in qtconsole.
Now I wanted again to make notebook file, but no joy. After launching
Firefox I see well known portal at and choose to
make new notebook. However screen was just blank. Looking at html source it
seems fine, I mean there is some content but nothing is shown. OK, I launch
Chrome, then I launch Opera to witness the same.

At this point I decided I stop using IPython dev version. I removed all
traces of IPython and went ahead to download latest stable version. I build
13.1 from source and BTW I noticed that download links in menu and side
menu on IPython main page are empty, and that Win32 installer from pypi
makes 64 bit executables.

Now launching notebook in Firefox is as reported previously  - I see the
notebook, but commands aren't executed. Using Opera again saved me, luckily
for me.

I don't know what are the changes in 0.13 but with 0.12 there were no this
kind of issues on Windows. And yes, I know that majority of IPython devs
don't use Windows.

On Fri, Nov 2, 2012 at 2:59 AM, MinRK wrote:

> I saw somewhere the suggestion that telling it to listen on all IPs
> (--ip='*') may be a workaround,
> can you check if this is the case for you?  I don't remember where that
> was, so it may be nonsense.
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