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klo uo klonuo@gmail....
Mon Nov 5 09:53:55 CST 2012

I thought to post this idea, maybe someone will find it interesting

Notebook's reusable cells feature is great, everybody must agree as that's
proven concept, but in qtconsole there is no similar thing. There is a
prompt and history magic, (also there are lots of other things making it
launching Python in easy orbit), but when typing in I always use separate
editor to store lines snippets and notes, generally or related to
particular idea I'm working on.

I don't know if team is working on some unification file format for
different IPython interfaces, and thinking about it, maybe it wouldn't be
hard to implement something like "qtconsole notes", as separate pane just
like help system in qtconsole , that will allow some kind or reusable code
concept. So user can evoke this panel, which could be just edit control,
with some additional features - maybe bookmarks that will separate
different snippets and perhaps some other additions.

On a far reach, and why I thought to write this mail, this new pane may be
just an ".ipynb" reader/writer, that will allow interaction between
qtconsole and Notebook. So not only qtconsole user would be able to read
".ipynb" files (maybe with some restrictions on contents) but it can serve
as note taking and making snippets in proven format, that can be used later
by Notebook.
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