[IPython-User] PLEASE make autosave standard

Zoltán Vörös zvoros@gmail....
Wed Nov 7 10:39:10 CST 2012

On 11/07/2012 05:33 PM, Tom wrote:
> "Could you flesh out a detailed description of how an autosave might 
> work, ... It should describe, for instance:"
> It doesn't matter to me as long as user input is on disk somewhere, in 
> some format.For example, the server could simply log the text of all 
> the cells that are sent for execution to a textual log file, even a 
> single global log file.  Recovery would then be a few minutes of 
> cut-and-paste, but that beats starting from scratch.
So, would you like to have a snapshot of the kernel history, then? 
Because that could, perhaps, be handled in the kernel, and the frontend 
doesn't matter in that case... But the kernel history is already saved 
somewhere, if I am not mistaken.
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