[IPython-User] Do IPython notebook from ANY computer?

Lasse Nørfeldt lasse@norfeldt...
Fri Nov 9 14:33:27 CST 2012

Hi ipython foks

I just started learning python (came from MatLab) and must say that I'm
totally blow away by the IPython Notebook.

One thing that really got me hooked was when I saw it running on Windows
Azure <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljrSOkMs7DQ>.

It was a real hassle for me to install it on windows (kept getting the
older version), and now I have to format my computer because I got too much
crap installed. Then I got this crazy idea: What if I didn't had to install
it but just log on to a site and continue coding no matter what machine I'm
working on... wow..!

Well I don't want to pay a monthly subscription at Azure for the scientific
programming that I'm doing. But I got another idea.. I got this
Plug-In-The-Wall-Computer called a pogoplug which runs some sort of linux
that allows me to access my HD at home trough the internet (never use it).
What if this could act as a Azure server? I read that I can port Arch Linux
on it.. would that allow me to do the trick?

Any experience with Arch Linux Server and IPython Notebook __________?

If this can be pull off, then I believe that a lot of scientist would like
do Plug-In-The-Wall-IPython-Notebook.. I certainty know a few..

Yours Sincerely / Venlig hilsen
Lasse Nørfeldt
*MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences*
mobil : +45 42585002
mail: lasse@norfeldt.dk
twitter: @Norfeldt <http://twitter.com/norfeldt>
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