[IPython-User] Do IPython notebook from ANY computer?

Matthias BUSSONNIER bussonniermatthias@gmail....
Mon Nov 12 11:13:26 CST 2012

Le 9 nov. 2012 à 21:33, Lasse Nørfeldt a écrit :

> Hi ipython foks
> I just started learning python (came from MatLab) and must say that I'm totally blow away by the IPython Notebook.
> One thing that really got me hooked was when I saw it running on Windows Azure. 
> It was a real hassle for me to install it on windows (kept getting the older version), and now I have to format my computer because I got too much crap installed. Then I got this crazy idea: What if I didn't had to install it but just log on to a site and continue coding no matter what machine I'm working on... wow..!

For windows I suggest you Check EPD free, which shouldn't be too hard to install.
> Well I don't want to pay a monthly subscription at Azure for the scientific programming that I'm doing. But I got another idea.. I got this Plug-In-The-Wall-Computer called a pogoplug which runs some sort of linux that allows me to access my HD at home trough the internet (never use it). What if this could act as a Azure server? I read that I can port Arch Linux on it.. would that allow me to do the trick?
> Any experience with Arch Linux Server and IPython Notebook __________?
> If this can be pull off, then I believe that a lot of scientist would like do Plug-In-The-Wall-IPython-Notebook.. I certainty know a few..
The problem might be the computing power, But I don't see any reason for the IPython notebook not to work on Arch.

You can try nbcloud, 
Notebook on EC2, If you never had account there is something like 1Year free or smith like that.




> Yours Sincerely / Venlig hilsen
> Lasse Nørfeldt 

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