[IPython-User] Do IPython notebook from ANY computer?

Lasse Nørfeldt lasse@norfeldt...
Sun Nov 18 07:50:39 CST 2012

Update on the pogoplug experiment:

   - Got the pogoplug hacked to run Arch Linux
   - Got the ipython notebook up and running on the network - any computer
   on the network could access it, even mobiles could through 3G (through they
   had some issues in the cells)

Problems that occurred and got solved along the way:

   - The tuturial on the web had some dead links to port the arch linux -
   SOLUTION: googled around and found an updated tutorial
   - Installed python >3 via pacman on the arch linux since it is default -
   SOLUTION: removed all python installs and used the "*pacman -S python2
   ipython2 python2-<package_name>*" this meant that in order to initiate
   the notebook we had to run *"ipython2 notebook --profile nbserver*"
   - The notebook started on a wrong ip address (127.##..) which meant we
   couldn't see it - SOLUTION: changed the address in the notebook profile to
   - Changing the notebook profile was done via dropbox. Opened a config
   file and changed the settings and got it onto the arch linux by the
   command: *"wget https:link.to.config/file.py*". Finding the directory on
   the arch was a bit tricky until we discovered the *"ipython2
locate" *command.
   It would be great if there existed some easy way to edit the profile within
   a ipython session.??

Next thing to do:

   - Figure out how to install modules from within the notebook onto the
   arch linux. Ex. getting openCV installed without using an ssh connection I
   would imagine something like executing *%magicCommand pacman -S opencv*
   - Create a URL address to access the notebook from an remote internet
   - Get dropbox on the arch linux so that my scripts are safe in case
   my hard-drive fails or get stolen.
   - Figure out howto properly shut it down in case I need to take the
   power off and move it around (such things happens :-) )

I think we got a long way and really close to what I wanted - in just a
day. My good friend (the expert) and I (the amateur with big needs) need to
find some time (often the most difficult task in such projects) to finish
and polish it.

Yours Sincerely / Venlig hilsen
Lasse Nørfeldt
*MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences*
mobil : +45 42585002
mail: lasse@norfeldt.dk
twitter: @Norfeldt <http://twitter.com/norfeldt>

On Mon, Nov 12, 2012 at 7:52 PM, Carl Smith <carl.input@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Lasse
> I'd be interested to hear how you get on with the pogoplug hack. I
> love stuff like that, but, as others have pointed out, you might want
> to go with something a bit more conventional, then do the pogoplug for
> the fun of it. Arch should run IPython Notebook just fine, but will
> likely be a lot less user friendly than good old Ubuntu.
> If you get the pogoplug running, I'd be interested to hear the story.
> All the best
> Carl
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