[IPython-User] tiny accessibility question

klo uo klonuo@gmail....
Tue Nov 20 03:22:14 CST 2012

While browsing through IPython history with up/down arrows, I see last
lines/snippets history. Let's consider current history item is snippet with
10 lines. Now, in this "history" mode, I can press Ctrl+End and cursor will
change it's position from first line to end of the code block, but pressing
Ctrl+Home will not get cursor to the first line of current snippet, but to
the beginning of current session. So obviously previous Ctrl+End just
positions cursor to the end of current session, which in this scenario is
history item.

Is there a shortcut that can jump to first line in history snippet, after I
position it to the last, with Ctrl+End, or PgDn or by other means?

I find that I repeatedly do this, and to get to the top of code snippet, I
need to go line by line back, so thought to ask for possible shortcut.
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