[IPython-User] Problem Running IPython Notebook

Andrew Tynan tynan2010@gmail....
Wed Nov 21 23:47:02 CST 2012


I have installed the Enthought distribution of Python, that comes with
IPython and the two dependencies needed for the IPy Notebook. I am using
Google Chrome.

After launching I python from the cmd line to test it, I am then quitting
out of it and then running IPython, and that works fine. I then (after
downloading and installing) import pandas and that too works fine.

However, I then try and launch ipython using the command "notebook
--pylab=inline" and I get an invalid syntax error on notebook, as shown

notebook --pylab=inline
File "<ipython-input-33-180374294386>", line 1
   ipython notebook --pylab=inline

I see that another member had a similar error but was at least getting a
new tab to open in their browser. I have nothing other than the error

Any advice that you can offer is very welcome.

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