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ipython .13 is already installed on my Linux Mint 13 (Ubuntu
Precise)machine, will the git clone install properly or do I have to
uninstall first?

I'm going to guess that uninstalling is recommended but the docs make no
mention of this. And, I should probably uninstall all of the repository

What say you?

Further, just to be clear, the git clone will also include all the needful
like qtconsole, notebook, tornado etc. Yes?

And, are there any special switches to make sure I'm getting __ipython for
python3x__  NOT version of ipython for python 2.x?

thank you,

Installing the development

It is also possible to install the development version of IPython from our
Git <http://git-scm.com/> source code repository. To do this you will need
to have Git installed on your system. Then just do:

$ git clone https://github.com/ipython/ipython.git$ cd ipython$ python
setup.py install

Some users want to be able to follow the development branch as it changes.
If you have distribute installed, this is easy. Simply replace the last
step by:

$ python setupegg.py develop

This creates links in the right places and installs the command line script
to the appropriate places. Then, if you want to update your IPython at any
time, just do:

$ git pull

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