[IPython-User] HTML() does not show for some URLs

W Gong wen.g.gong@gmail....
Wed Nov 28 13:14:11 CST 2012

I tried the following snippet in IPython Notebook 0.13

*from IPython.display import HTML*
*sites = {*
*'google': 'http://www.google.com',*
*'yahoo': 'http://www.yahoo.com',*
*'lbl': 'http://www.lbl.gov',*
*'microsoft': 'http://www.microsoft.com',*
*'intel': 'http://www.intel.com',*
*'mit': 'http://www.mit.edu',*
*'stanford': 'http://www.stanford.edu',*
*'speedtest': 'http://www.speedtest.net'*
*# ok if lbl, microsoft, intel, mit, stanford, speedtest*
*# not ok if google, yahoo*
*url = '<iframe src="%s" width=1000 height=450></iframe>' % sites['google']*

For google and yahoo, the output is blank (nothing shows up)

Can anyone please confirm? If true, any explanation?


- Wen
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