[IPython-User] agent-based simulation

Pietro Terna pietro.terna@unito...
Thu Nov 29 07:20:01 CST 2012

     Hi all,

     I'm writing agent-based simulation models in Python, using agents 
that inherits the methods of the Python class 'turtle'.

     An important side effect of that inheritance is the capability of 
the agents to display automatically themselves in a Tk window, following 
their internal coordinates, with colors, shapes, pen-up or pen-down, 
etc. (very close to a NetLogo application, with the power of Python 
behind the scene).

     My goal is that of diffusing my models via 
http://nbviewer.ipython.org/, in an interactive way.

     I've understood that it is not possible to include the Tk window of 
the turtle class into the IPython notebook, so I ask you suggestions 
about the constructions of an animated display within the notebook, 
where to report agents in the positions of their coordinates, with 
different colors and - but this is an optional element - shapes.

     Many thanks in advance for your advices,

     best, Pietro

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