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Brian Granger ellisonbg@gmail....
Tue Oct 2 15:42:23 CDT 2012

The right way of doing this is to make the notebook UUIDs persistent
when the server restarts.  That will only require storing them on disk
somewhere and they reading them back in at restart.  This is not hard,
but we would need to decide if we wanted to use a hidden flat file or
a database, etc.  Let's fix it this way and not with hacks.  The right
way will not be any more work.

On Tue, Oct 2, 2012 at 1:30 PM, Matthias BUSSONNIER
<bussonniermatthias@gmail.com> wrote:
> Le 30 sept. 2012 à 22:49, Michael Hadmack a écrit :
>> Is it possible to link one IPython notebook to another with a
>> hyperlink in a Markdown cell? If I try:
>> Link to [Notebook 2](files/notebook2.ipynb)
>> or
>> Link to <a href="files/notebook2.ipynb">Notebook 2</a>
>> A new tab is opened with raw unformatted contents of the ipynb file.
>> Is there a way to get IPython to open another notebook for use in a
>> new tab via a hyperlink?
> You could make it in javascript, though it is not obvious,
> you would have to ask the server for the list of notebooks, to get the current URL based on the name, then open this url i a new tab.
> All in JS.
> You will probably be block by browser anti-pop-up.
> General issue are :
>         * notebook URL change on every startup.
>         * we haven't found a good way to keep it unique.
>         * opening same notebook several time can lead to 'inconsistencies' between the difference pages.
> 3rd will be solved with collaboration mode.
> What could be done, is a handle /notebook_by_name/<notebook_name> that raises a 302 to the current notebook url.
> It would then allow for soft linking of notebook. BUt I guess So will have to write a PR for that.
> Just be informed that URL for notebook and notebook server have high chances to change in a near future.
> But YES, we would love URL for notebook and even the ability to have anchors for a specific worksheet and cell in one notebook.
> (yes notebooks have worksheets too)
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> Matthias
>> -Mike
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