[IPython-User] using matplotlib draw_if_interactive in library code

Skipper Seabold jsseabold@gmail....
Sat Oct 6 09:32:10 CDT 2012


It's a matplotlib question, but the conclusion on how to work with mpl is
due to IPython (and programs that interact with mpl similarly) AFAICT.

So I'm curious if someone can go into a bit more detail about the
conclusions of this thread [1]. Namely,

"don't call show or draw_if_interactive in your library code"

Or rather, what are the exact pitfalls here. I don't understand the
possible side effects. Is it still true that draw_if_interactive doesn't
play well with the notebooks?

We have plotting functions that are designed to update a given axes. I
often work in interactive mode, and I'd like it if these functions updated
my axes in the way that I expect (and an R user doing plotting in Python
would expect). But now I'm forced to litter my user scripts with
draw_if_interactive rather than handle this for the users in the plotting
functions. Do I have any other options?



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