[IPython-User] Notebook html templates in user profile ?

Juergen Hasch python@elbonia...
Sun Oct 7 15:52:57 CDT 2012

Am 07.10.2012 13:37, schrieb Matthias BUSSONNIER:

> A recent modification allows you to add button to the toolbar dynamically.
> See PR #2127 for examples.
> It will allow you to modify toolbar without overwriting toolbar.js
I will look into that.

> --NotebookApp.webapp_settings=<Dict>
>      Default: {}
>      Supply overrides for the tornado.web.Application that the IPython notebook
>      uses.
> maybe providing a `template_path` key
> Something like
> IPython notebook --NotebookApp.webapp_settings={'template_path'='/my/path/to/template/folder/'}

I added
   c.NotebookApp.webapp_settings = {'template_path':'c:\\Users\\hasch\\.ipython\\profile_nbserver\\templates\\'}
to my ipython_notebook_config.py and this works like a charm. Thanks a lot!

> Be aware that we will soon migrate the templates engine/organisation and the css framework we use.
> The modification should not be too invasive, but try not to heavily rely on the current state.
> We are doing it in order to facilitate customization, so feel free to give us feedback.

Yes, I think this has been written on the list before and this is why I want to keep the modifications in the user 

As to customization, I do have a certain 'taste' on how I like to work. The IPython notebook fits extremely well to 
that, with a few modifications. So I appreciate very much the fact that you want to improve customization.

So what would I like to be able to customize ?
- I want to quickly jump around in a notebook, do a small modification and quickly see the results
   Therefore I made two modifications:
    1) Allow using PGUP and PGDOWN to scroll through a notebook quickly, even if a code cell is selected.
    2) Easy execution of the notebook code after I changed something. This is done through either running the complete 
notebook from the start or, running the notebook but starting from the current cell.
- Hotkeys and the toolbars should be configurable. Preferably each calling a function that can be user defined, allowing 
more than just mapping to a predefined functionality.


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