[IPython-User] Notebook html templates in user profile ?

Matthias Bussonnier bussonniermatthias@gmail....
Mon Oct 8 01:53:46 CDT 2012

Sorry for the brievty, answerd from my phone.
Le 8 oct. 2012 03:01, "Juergen Hasch" <python@elbonia.de> a écrit :
> Am 07.10.2012 13:37, schrieb Matthias BUSSONNIER:
> > A recent modification allows you to add button to the toolbar
> > See PR #2127 for examples.
> > It will allow you to modify toolbar without overwriting toolbar.js
> I will look into that.
> > --NotebookApp.webapp_settings=<Dict>
> >      Default: {}
> >      Supply overrides for the tornado.web.Application that the IPython
> >      uses.
> >
> > maybe providing a `template_path` key
> > Something like
> > IPython notebook
> I added
>    c.NotebookApp.webapp_settings =
> to my ipython_notebook_config.py and this works like a charm. Thanks a
> > Be aware that we will soon migrate the templates engine/organisation
and the css framework we use.
> > The modification should not be too invasive, but try not to heavily
rely on the current state.
> > We are doing it in order to facilitate customization, so feel free to
give us feedback.
> Yes, I think this has been written on the list before and this is why I
want to keep the modifications in the user
> profile.
> As to customization, I do have a certain 'taste' on how I like to work.
The IPython notebook fits extremely well to
> that, with a few modifications. So I appreciate very much the fact that
you want to improve customization.
> So what would I like to be able to customize ?
> - I want to quickly jump around in a notebook, do a small modification
and quickly see the results
>    Therefore I made two modifications:
>     1) Allow using PGUP and PGDOWN to scroll through a notebook quickly,
even if a code cell is selected.
>     2) Easy execution of the notebook code after I changed something.
This is done through either running the complete
> notebook from the start or, running the notebook but starting from the
current cell.
> - Hotkeys and the toolbars should be configurable. Preferably each
calling a function that can be user defined, allowing
> more than just mapping to a predefined functionality.

This one is pretty difficult to tackle.
The keybindings are are spread allover the js files as we don't totally
control what element get focus. Also some 'actions' need immediate counter
measure sometime which might depend on the pressed key.

I think in particular to esc that close the websocket connexion on ff, but
also all ctrl+m,x shortcut that can be done while holding ctrl, eventually
trigetring ctrl+w, ctrl+q, ctrl+s... So even if we want to make it
possible, I really doubt it will be advertised or recommended to play with
user defined functions.

As for toolbar. With the latests merged PR it shoul be pretty easy to
create your own.

>    Juergen
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