[IPython-User] History navigation breaks in qtconsole

Alejandro Weinstein alejandro.weinstein@gmail....
Thu Oct 11 11:13:07 CDT 2012


I observe that, under some particular conditions, the behavior of the
history navigation in the qtconsole breaks.

Typically, if I type a letter, say 'a', and then press the up arrow
key, IPython only shows the items in the history that start with that
letter. However, under some conditions this behavior stop working.

The phenomenon can be observed by typing the following in a qtconsole
instance. (I am just showing what I type, not the IPython output):

a=1 'Enter'
b=2 'Enter'
b C-p C-a C-k a C-p

Here 'Enter' corresponds to pressing the enter key, and C-x
corresponds to pressing Ctrl and the 'x' key.

In this example, I expect that, after pressing C-p the last time, I
should see 'a=1' in the prompt (that's what I see after doing this in
a terminal IPython instance), however, I see 'b=2' in the prompt.

I'm running the developer version of IPython in an Ubuntu 12.04 machine.

Is this a bug?


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